Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not posting

I know I don't post enough. I have not had a lot to say. In the past months I have been horribly hurt by a friend and it seems to have derailed a lot of my interest in a lot of things, including work.

The process of rebuilding after a betrayal by someone you trust implicitly is no fun at all. It has caused me to re-evaluate all of my relationships and the extent and boundaries they have been operating under. Among some probably very good people I have also mistakenly trusted unworthy people. Unfortunately, the good will have to wait while I decide that I can be a good friend again. It is possible to have friends I think, without depending on them too much.

Overall I think the damage to my self esteem was a gradual process with a harsh final blow. It occurs that I probably should have pulled out of this friendship a long time ago. I have been taking inventory, and I am not finding I am not nearly as lacking as I have been led to believe.

Not to worry, I think I'll be back, but it may take a bit.


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